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Where and when do the gates open and the movie start?

Cinema operates from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th of May 2023, at the top of the Wilson Parking, Entertainment Quarter Car Park, Moore Park NSW 2021.

  • Gates open at 6:00pm.
  • Movie starts after last light (around 7:30pm).
  • Bar and kitchen close at 9pm.

Late arrival: Please note that doors will close 30 minutes after the beginning of the movie.

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    What are the parking arrangements?

    We place cars according to size in order to offer the same great cinema experience to everyone. Please also note that specific spots will be allocated to POLESTAR customers only.

    How can I listen to the sound of the movie from inside my car?

    Mov’in Car uses wireless transmitters to broadcast the movie audio as well as any important information to the audience. 

    The holding screen features all the key information that you might need along with reminders of all the safety rules.  

    Can I BYO Drink or Food?

    Attention: No alcohol from outside will be allowed inside the venue.

    The event is not licensed for BYO so you won’t be allowed to bring alcohol or hot food into the premises.

    Although snacks and soft drinks are permitted, we kindly encourage you to support our local businesses. We have a variety of food & bar offering.

    What is the Food and Drink offering?

    Make a difference! You can order locally-sourced food and drinks sold in organic cups and renewable paperboard in order to avoid single-use plastics.

    Order online to be served directly in your car!


    • Freshly made gourmet pizzas (sweet & savoury).
    • Fresh popcorn (sweet & savoury). POLESTAR owner? Popcorn is on us!


    • Selection of Wines, Craft beers and Cider.
    • Alcohol-free Wine and Beer.
    • Soft drinks and water.
    Are there gluten-free/vegan options?

    Yes! We are providing gluten-free, organic, alcohol-removed, vegetarian and vegan options.

    Can I charge my car during the screening?

    Unfortunately, no charging station is available in the drive-in cinema. Make sure you have enough battery to come back home.

    Back-up solutions will be available if your battery run flat, but come prepared!

    How many tickets do I need?

    One ticket is required per car, regardless of the number of occupants. If you have a van or a large-size SUV, please note that the view from the third row seats may be obstructed or limited.

    I have a Polestar Car, how can I get my free ticket?

    As a POLESTAR customer, you should have received an email invitation with your free ticket. Check your emails or contact POLESTAR customer support.

    Good news! You will also get a free bucket of popcorn!

    Can I come with an hybrid vehicle?

    This edition of Movin’Car Cinema, in partnership with Polestar, is dedicated to full electric vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions only. Vehicles with internal combustion engines, including hybrids, won’t be allowed on site.

    Can I open the windows or have my car roof down (convertible) during the film?

    Yes. However, pay attention to keep sound relatively low not to bother your neighbours.

    Can I seat outside the car or on the car roof?

    Yes but please refrain from occupying an additional parking spot.

    Also, sitting on the roof of your car could obstruct the view of those behind you, so kindly park at the rear or sides of the parking area. It is strictly prohibited to move vehicles with people in hazardous positions on the roof.

    Low clearance in the parking

    Be aware that if you are driving a van or a large-size SUV, there is low clearance in the parking to reach the top. The clearance is 2.10m.

    What happens in case of bad weather?

    Mov’in Car is an Outdoor Event and weather can be unpredictable. Screenings will go ahead under light/intermittent/potential rain. We strongly recommend you bring wet weather gear if you need to go to the bar.

    In case of cancellation: 

    Screening will be cancelled if the weather poses a safety threats to patrons and staff. Screenings are cancelled based on the conditions on site.

    If the event is cancelled, we will be in touch by email and communicate on refund process:

    Patrons accept the risk that weather they consider unsatisfactory may occur on a screening night and acknowledge that tickets will not be re-validated unless a screening is cancelled by Mov’in Car.

    Follow @movincar_ on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on any program changes.

    Can I buy ticket on-site?

    No, unfortunately you must arrive with your booking.

    You can buy your ticket here: https://www.movincar.com.au/shop

    Do I need to print my ticket?

    You don’t need to print off your ticket for the event. You can simply display your ticket on your smartphone for check-in.

    Where can I review my registration information?

    After your booking, you should have received an email with your purchase summary. If you don’t find it, first check your Junk Mail folder and then contact us at contact@movincar.com.au

    Can I bring my dog?

    Dogs are allowed in the premises but they must be on a lead at all times and any ‘poo’ must be picked up and disposed of properly in a plastic bag.

    Also, please make sure your dog can stay in your car during the movie screening to avoid causing any inconvenience for our other guests. Full responsibility remains with the owner.

    Can I smoke or vape at the event?

    Mov’in Car is a smoke-free event. Please leave the parking if you wish to smoke or vape.

    What is Mov'In Car's refund and exchange policy?

    We can swap your ticket up to 7 days prior to the movie. 

    All bookings are final and we do not refund or exchange tickets for a mistaken booking or change of mind. Refunds and exchanges will not be made for inadvertently booking the wrong session. Please check the session details carefully on each page of the booking process.

    Refunds will be given for a cancelled session due to adverse/severe weather conditions, or technical issues.

    Can my ticket be given to a family member of a friend?

    Yes. If you are unable to use your tickets, you are welcome to give them to a friend or a family member for them to attend the experience. However, please note they have to come with an electric vehicle.

    What happens if I can't find my ticket?

    After making a booking, you will automatically receive your ticket by email. This email will usually come through within a few minutes but please allow up to 24hrs. If you do not receive your confirmation email, please check your Junk Mail folder.

    If you are certain you have not received the confirmation email – the next step is to check your transaction was successful. If the transaction has been confirmed and money debited – this means that the booking has gone through but there was a problem with the email address you entered when you made the booking. Typographical errors are common, especially when booking on a mobile device, and this is the most likely reason for your ticket email not arriving.

    First don’t panic 🙂 ! You can send us your correct email address at contact@movincar.com.au so we can provide you with your tickets. Otherwise, we have the list of customers at the gate.

    Video camera and recording equipment warning

    Recording a movie screening is a violation of copyright laws and can result in serious legal consequences. You will be reported to the Police and Federal copyright authorities.

    If you witness someone copying our movies, please report it to us immediately.

    Will you take pictures or record videos during the event?

    We may be taking photos or recording video during your visit for use in our external and internal communications. This could include our social media accounts, newsletter, website, or other promotional materials.

    If you are not comfortable being recorded or photographed, please let our team know, and we will do our best to avoid including you in our media. However, if you are happy to participate, we would be grateful for your support in showcasing our establishment and highlighting the great experiences that we offer.